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Heart Problems/ Diseases After Covid -19

Covid 19 infection can damage heart muscle and affect heart function. Heart damage occurs  due to high level of inflammatory markers circulating  in the blood. As the body’s immune system fights off the virus, the inflammatory  process can damage  some healthy tissues including  heart.

Corona virus infection  also affect the inner lining of blood  vessel which  an cause blood vessel inflammation , damage to small vessel  and leads to blood clot formation. All these compromise  the blood flow to heart and other organs.

       1. What problems/symptoms  patients  can have after Covid19 infection?

      During and after covid 19 infection  patients  may experience:

  1. Feeling rapid heart beats(palpitations)
  2. Feeling light headed essentially or dizziness  especially on standing  from  sitting  posture
  3. Chest pain/ Discomfort
  4. Breathing problems
  5. Severe  Fatigue.

2.   Can I get heart attack  after  covid 19?

One can get heart attack during  or post covid especially after severe  infection due to inflammatory  state. Heart attack  can occur both due to blood clot formation in blood vessels of heart (rare) but more commonly it occurs due to increased  stress on heart such  as fast heart beat, low blood oxygen or anaemia (low Haemoglobin).

    3. What should I do after getting  symptoms of heart diseases? First thing  is don’t get panic because  heart problems  occurring after covidare usually  reversible.  You should consult your physician or cardiologist.  They will adjust your medications.  You may need few blood thinning medications  for some times.  In rare case, you may need conventional  coronary Angiography or CT coronary Angiography.

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